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Mwah is youth. Mwah is energy. Mwah is everything GenZ stands for. We at Mwah aim to create vegan cruelty free beauty products that you just can't resist. We started as a lip-gloss brand with a few hundred bottles, some experimental ingredients and an 18-year old's dream to create something amazing that all her friends would love. In a short span of six months, we sold over 2500 bottles and serviced over 1800+ customers in our tireless endeavor. We're looking to expand our reach so that everybody who stands for supporting honest local businesses and enjoy the special love and care that comes from it.



Hi! I established Mwah in the year 2020 as a passionate side-hobby that has now turned into almost a full time job at the age of 21. Not that I'm complaining!

 I was always fascinated by beauty products and  loved to experiment with them, not knowing I would own a successful small business that started my teen years.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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